About Us

Karla, Olive, and James of School Night

School Night makes vintage-inspired products for kids. We believe in holding onto the child inside.

School Night launched in 2016, the product of a designer and a filmmaker who had a kid and realized that they never really grew up. 

A family of three four based in Atlanta, we share a mutual love of the hands-on, awesome things that we remember from our own childhood. We hope to rekindle that excitement for our family and yours.

We’re fueled by coffee, tea parties, pizza, listening to and making music, all things analog, choose your own adventure, hiking, bubble baths, playing games, God’s love, tacos, coca-cola, fire pits, graveyards and spooky stuff, road trips and exploring new places, swing sets, puddles, making new friends, long conversations with old friends, fall leaf piles, puns, and many other things.

Stay young, stay you.

School Night (James, Karla, Olive, and Ora)